My name is Kathy and I offer a thorough, in-depth developmental critique, covering things like plot, scene, setting, characters, language, dialogue and more.


I cover all genres except non-fiction and erotica.


I have been critiquing for many years and I'm also a writer, so I understand how important your 'baby' is to you.  My aim is to fine tune your manuscript, helping you make your story the best it can be.


Why should I use your service?

What I cover


What People Are Saying

"Kathy is a thorough reader with careful attention to details of grammar, idea coherence, and the overall flow of a written work. She has helped identify rough areas in narrative manuscripts while doing so with a pleasant tone of constructive criticism. It's nice to find someone that can maintain polite professionalism while avoiding overblown praise."


- JA Waters, Author of Lyncia.

"Kathy is a joy. Her reviews are fair and constructive, and she can point out both the emotional inflection hidden within a passage as well as hitting the nails on honest, constructive feedback."


- Aden Ng, Author of The Chronicles of Tearha series.

"Kathy is a skilled writer, as well as a very empathetic and thoughtful critique partner. She approaches projects with gentle honesty and well reasoned feedback. I would definitely recommend her for critiques and beta-reads!"


- Allison Spector, Author of Let's Stalk Rex Jupiter!

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