I offer several discount schemes:


Repeat Customer:


All repeat customers get a 10% discount.


Refer a Friend:


If you liked my service - refer a friend.  If that friend takes up my service, they get a 10% discount.  As a thank you, I give you a one-off discount of 10% too.  This means that the next time you submit a manuscript, you can add that 10% discount to your repeat customer discount, giving you 20% off your next order.


You get a discount for every friend you refer who takes up my service.  This means that if you referred 5 friends and they all took up my service, your next 5 manuscripts would be eligible for an additional 10% off!*


Discount will be added to your customer account only once referred friend has paid their deposit.  'Refer a friend' discounts cannot be stacked together - only one per manuscript can be used.




The first time I critique a manuscript for you, I will ask for a testimonial.  If you provide one, I will give you a one-off 5% discount.  This can be added to your repeat customer discount and any discount you have obtained through referring a friend (if any).  This means your next manuscript could receive up to 25% off!*


*Discount will be added to your customer account when testimonial has been received.


Sample Permission:


Work samples are very important when a prospective client is considering taking up my service.  If you grant me permission to show a small sample of the work I did for you to prospective clients, you will receive a one-off discount of 5%.  If you have repeat customer discount, have successfully referred a friend and given a testimonial, your next manuscript could receive 30% off!


Please note that all samples consist of 5 random pages of your annotated manuscript, and the full report.  Both of these documents will be watermarked, contain a 'do not distribute' disclaimer as well as confirmation of who holds the intellectual property (the author), and shall be read-only files saved as image PDF's - meaning none of the text can be copied and pasted.  Additionally, these files will only ever be emailed to prospective clients when requested.  The email will contain a 'do not distribute' disclaimer.  Samples will not be left on the website for anyone to download, nor will I upload them to any other website.  I keep records of every client that I have sent a sample to.


As a writer myself, I understand the importance of protecting intellectual property.



All discounts are subject to terms and conditions.  All discount schemes are discretionary and may change or be removed at any time.

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